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A pay parking lot called "Black and White Valet" is conveniently located at 4149 N. Clarendon, one block east of Profiles for $14 (prices subject to change).

For convenience, parking can be prepaid through ParkWhiz by clicking the link below:

Chicago Parking

The Sheridan Red Line stop at Irving Park Rd & Sheridan is two blocks from the theatre.

Profiles Theatre is a handicap accessible venue.

Please arrive at least 20 minutes before showtime. Due to the intimate set-up for the theatre, there is no late seating.

Seating is limited and advance reservations are recommended by calling (773) 549-1815.

Profiles Theatre is conveniently located in the Uptown/Buena Park neighborhood, and very easily accessible by CTA or Lake Shore Drive.


If coming off of 90/94, take Irving Park exit and head east to Broadway. Take a left on Broadway and continue north about 2 blocks to 4147 N. Broadway

If coming off of Lake Shore Drive, take Irving Park exit. Make a right on Broadway and continue North to 4147 N. Broadway

Red Line to Sheridan stop. Head east on Irving Park Rd for 2 blocks. Turn left on Broadway, continue north to the theatre.

#36 Broadway bus stops right in front of the theatre, at the corner of Broadway and Buena.

    • North Buena Deli and Wine
      North Buena Deli and Wine is proud to exclusively feature a full lineup of Boars Head meats and cheeses.
      4200 N Broadway
      (773) 270 - 4179


      Under $10
      A coffee shop for those intent on setting up shop with laptops, newspapers, books and caffeine for hours at a time, serving Chicago's own Metropolis coffee.
      4181 North Clarendon Avenue
      Chicago, IL 60613-5283
      (773) 755-1955

      Dunkin Donuts
      Under $10
      Dunkin' Donuts is the world's largest coffee and baked goods chain.
      3949 North Broadway
      Chicago, IL 60613-3039
      (773) 296-6332

      Byron’s Hotdog Haus
      Under $10
      Real Chicago hotdogs.
      1017 West Irving Park Road
      Chicago, IL 60613
      (773) 281-7474‎


      Bo Jono’s Pizzaria
      Under $10
      Family-owned and operated since 1994 an NYC-style place.
      4185 North Clarendon Avenue
      Chicago, IL 60613
      (773) 404-9700


      Petite Pita
      Mediterranean, Middle Eastern
      3952 N Sheridan Ave
      Chicago, IL 60613
      (773) 281-2008

    • Hunan Egg Roll King
      Chinese, Seafood
      4204 N Broadway St
      Chicago, IL 60613
      (773) 883-2647


      Thai Aroma
      $7-$15 per entree
      Thai Aroma Authentic Thai Restaurant Friendly service, Fast, Fresh, on time, every time.
      4142 North Broadway
      Chicago, IL 60613
      (773) 404-7777


      Bar on Buena
      $10-$15 per entree
      The Bar on Buena offers an above average beer selection, a legit jukebox, and a good burger and fries.
      910 West Buena Avenue
      Chicago, IL 60613-1614
      (773) 525-8665

      Under $10 per entree
      Pizza from hand made dough made fresh daily, tomato sauce blended with secret herbs and spices, and select premium cheeses.
      4091 N Broadway
      Chicago, IL 60613
      (773) 929-4149

    • Nano Sushi
      Sushi, Japanese
      3955 N Broadway Ave
      Chicago, IL 60613
      (773) 525-6266


      $10-$20 per entrée
      Ethiopian and West African cuisine.
      4623 North Broadway 
      Chicago, IL 60640-
      (773) 944-1417


      OH Fusion
      $10-$15 per entrée
      Late-night Asian restaurant across from the Sheridan Red Line stop with a fusion of Japanese and Euro-American items.
      3911 North Sheridan Road
      Chicago, IL 60613
      (773) 880-5340


      Crepe Town
      Under $10 per entree
      More than 20 types of sweet and savory crepes round out the menu at Crepe Town, near Irving Park and Sheridan.
      3915 North Sheridan Road
      Chicago, IL 60613-2925
      (773) 248-8844


      Tac Quick
      3930 N Sheridan Rd
      Chicago, IL 60613
      (773) 327-5253

      The Kitchen & Bar at PR - Pizza Rustica
      Rustic Northern Italian Bistro
      Named one of "Chicago's Best Bistros" CBS Chicago
      Winner, Best Restaurant 46th Ward
      Beer, Wine, Cocktail Bar - Craft Everything
      3908 N. Sheridan Rd
      Chicago, IL 60613

      Demera Ethiopian Restaurant
      $13-15 entrees
      At Demera Ethiopian Restaurant we serve traditional Ethiopian cuisine using only the freshest, high quality, and authentic ingredients.
      4801 N Broadway
      Chicago, IL 60640
      (773) 334-8787

      Fornello Trattoria
      Fornello Trattoria has been successfully in business since 1988. We embrace the rich tradition of fine Italian food, amazing our guests through our impeccable chef-driven cuisine, extensive award-winning wine list and genuinely warm hospitality.
      1011 W. Irving Park Road
      Chicago, IL 60613
      (773) 404-1800

  • Fat Cat Bar and Grill
    $10-$15 per entree
    Featured drinks and standard bar fare, the kitchen features fresh takes on comfort classics.
    4840 North Broadway Street
    Chicago, IL 60640-3604
    (773) 506-3100


    $10-$15 per entree
    The menu at Agami is a study in freshness. The signature Agami maki wraps lightly battered spicy tuna, avocado and cream cheese into a spicy soybean sheet, drizzled in creamy wasabi and eel sauce.
    4712 North Broadway
    Chicago, IL 60640-4909
    (773) 506-1845

    Istanbul Restaurant
    $10-$20 per entree
    The best Turkish food in the city, as well as trusty American fare at prices that any nationality can appreciate.
    3613 North Broadway
    Chicago, IL 60613-4417
    (773) 525-0500


    F. O’Mahonys
    $10-$15 per entree
    Irish pub menu features some posh items you don't usually expect from bar fare.
    3701 N Broadway
    Chicago, IL 60613
    (773) 549-0097


    Fontana Grill
    $10-$15 per entree
    Should you happen to crave something more than drinks, the mouth-watering lunch and dinner menus provide myriad options.
    1329 West Wilson Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60640
    (773) 561-0400


    Andies Restaurant
    $10-$15 per entree
    This friendly neighborhood place offers a wide array of Mediterranean fare, from baba ganoush to kabobs to shawerma.
    1467 West Montrose Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60613-1348
    (773) 348-0654

    Marigold Indian
    $10-$20 per entree
    Inventive Indian fare and a number of daily specials and hearty entrees.
    4832 North Broadway
    Chicago, IL 60640-3604
    (773) 293-4653


    Alma Pita Restaurant
    Under $10 per entree
    A Middle Eastern and Lebanese eatery in Uptown. The flavorful, addictive home-cooked food won't empty your wallet, either.
    4600 North Magnolia Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60640-4965\
    (773) 561-2787


    Magnolia Café
    $20-$45 per entree
    Tasty cuisine, soft yellow lighting and a cozy, elegant dining room make the Magnolia an ideal choice for a date, whether it's your first time out together or your 50th wedding anniversary.
    1224 West Wilson Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60640-5517
    (773) 728-8785

    El Mariachi
    $10-$15 per entree
    The menu offers a full lineup with many appetizers, soups, salads, burritos, enchiladas, flautas and combination specials served with rice and beans.
    3906 North Broadway Street
    Chicago, IL 60613-3014
    (773) 549-2932


    La Amistad
    Under $10 per entree
    A trusty mom-and-pop restaurant: a taqueria that bills itself as "Mexican and American food" and delivers a menu made up of the basics.
    1914 West Montrose Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60613-1057
    (773) 878-5800

All tickets at Profiles Theatre are General Admission. Seating is on both sides of the stage, so the audience has a great view from anywhere in the theatre. Patrons should arrive at least 20 - 30 minutes before showtime to choose their most desired seating. Because of the intimate arrangement of the theatre, there is no admittance once the performance begins. Special arrangements can be made for patrons with disabilities, please call the box office in advance at (773) 549-1815 to discuss any special needs.

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Profiles Theatre concludes their 27th season with the Midwest premiere of THE VILLAGE BIKE by Penelope Skinner, a darkly comic look at fantasy and romance, directed by Artistic Director Joe Jahraus. Previews begin August 26. For more information, call the box office at 773-549-1815.

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